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Canadian Elite Basketball League Reveals Picks For Its Inaugural Season Entry Draft

HAMILTON, ONT – The Canadian Elite Basketball League (CEBL) revealed all the top talent that was drafted by the league’s six teams in its first ever Entry Draft on Saturday, March 23, 2019. The draft reveal took place at the Art Gallery of Hamilton in front of media, sports and lifestyle influencers, prominent basketball personalities and executives.

The Fraser Valley Bandits had the first overall pick in the regional rounds and selected 6-foot-5 guard Joel Friesen, a Fraser Valley native who played for the University of the Fraser Valley and the University of Alberta before launching his professional career in 2015.

From players who have represented Canada Basketball to rising talents from current U SPORTS programs, below is a breakdown of all the players that were drafted into the CEBL.

Regional Rounds:

The first four rounds of the draft had a regional focus as CEBL teams selected players from their respective territories, allowing each team to have a nucleus of players from its own region.

Round 1

1. Fraser Valley Bandits: Joel Friesen, University of Alberta, (Hometown: Abbotsford, BC)

2. Edmonton Stingers: Mamadou Gueye, University of Alberta, (Hometown: Quebec City, QC)

3. Guelph Nighthawks: Connor Wood, Carleton University (Hometown: Guelph, ON)

4. Saskatchewan Rattlers: Denzel James, MacEwan University (Hometown: Edmonton, AB)

5. Hamilton Honey Badgers: MiKyle McIntosh, University of Oregon, Raptors 905 (Hometown: Toronto, ON)

6. Niagara River Lions: Kaza Kajami-Keane, Carleton University (Hometown: Ajax, ON)

Round 2

1. Niagara River Lions: Kassius Robertson, Missouri State University, (Hometown: Toronto, ON)

2. Hamilton Honey Badgers: Erik Nissen, Acadia University, (Hometown: Quispamsis, NB)

3. Saskatchewan Rattlers: Jelane Pryce, University of Winnipeg (Hometown: Innisfil, ON)

4. Guelph Nighthawks: Jevohn Shepherd, Michigan State University (Hometown: Toronto, ON)

5. Edmonton Stingers: Mathieu Kamba, Central Arkansas University (Hometown: Calgary, AB)

6. Fraser Valley Bandits: Marek Klassen, Point Loma Nazarene University (Hometown: Abbotsford, BC)

Round 3:

1. Fraser Valley Bandits: Diego Kapelan, McNeese State University (Hometown: Vancouver, BC)

2. Edmonton Stingers: Jarred Ogungbemi-Jackson, University of Calgary, (Hometown: Winnipeg, MB)

3. Guelph Nighthawks: Marvin Binney, St. Mary’s University, (Hometown: Toronto, ON)

4. Saskatchewan Rattlers: Justus Alleyn, University of Manitoba, (Hometown: Winnipeg, MB)

5. Hamilton Honey Badgers: Duane Notice, University of South Carolina, Raptors 905 (Hometown: Toronto,


6. Niagara River Lions: Guillaume Boucard, Carleton University, (Hometown: Montreal, QC)

Round 4:

1. Niagara River Lions: Tyrone Watson, New Mexico State University, (Hometown: Hamilton, ON)

2. Hamilton Honey Badgers: Junior Cadougan, Marquette University, (Hometown: Toronto, ON)

3. Saskatchewan Rattlers: Thomas Cooper, University of Calgary, (Hometown: Chattanooga, Tennessee)

4. Guelph Nighthawks: Emanual Shepherd, Southern University (Hometown: Toronto, ON)

5. Edmonton Stingers: Jordan Baker, University of Alberta, (Hometown: Edmonton, AB)

6. Fraser Valley Bandits: Dallin Bachynski, University of Utah, (Calgary, AB)


Open Rounds:

Commencing with Round Five, the draft opened up for all teams to select players from any region of the world.  The following were the players drafted by each team in the open rounds:

Fraser Valley Bandits:

• Conor Morgan, University of British Columbia

• Elijah Foster, University of Nevada

• Levon Kendall, University of Pittsburgh

• Maurice Jones, Northwest Nazarene University

• Ransford Brempong, Western Carolina University

• Rashaun Broadus, Brigham Young University

• Troy Gottselig, University of Saskatchewan

Edmonton Stingers:

• Adika Peter-McNeilly, Ryerson University

• Akeem Ellis, Coppin State University

• Ashton Smith, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

• Christian Musoko, Southern Utah University

• Corey Allmond, Sam Houston State University

• Grandy Glaze, Grand Canyon University

• Greg Morrow, University of Western Ontario

Guelph Nighthawks:

• Chris Johnson, St. Bonaventure University

• Xavier Rathan-Mayes, Florida State University

• Meshack Lufile, Cape Breton University

• Marvell Waithe, University of Arkansas

• Myck Kabongo, University of Texas

• Jamal Reynolds, Canisius College

• Chadrack Lufile, Wichita State University

Saskatchewan Rattlers:

• Alex Campbell, University of Windsor

• Chad Posthumus, Morehead State University

• Gentrey Thomas, University of California, Riverside

• Kevin Bercy, St. Francis Xavier University

• Michael Linklater, University of Saskatchewan

• Shane Osayande, University of Saskatchewan

• Terry Thomas, University of Ottawa

Hamilton Honey Badgers:

• Murphy Burnatowski, Colgate University

• Derek Cooke Jr., University of Wyoming

• Justin Edwards, Kansas State University

• Ryan Ejim, Carleton University

• Shaquille Keith, Cape Breton University

• Joe Rocca, Carleton University

• Tramar Sutherland, University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Niagara River Lions:

• Julian Boyd, Long Island University Brooklyn

• Nem Mitrovic, University of Portland

• Alex Johnson, North Carolina State University

• Joel Kindred, Saint Augustine’s University

• Ryan Wright, Oklahoma State University

• Rayvon Higdon, Redeemer University College

• Jaylon Tate, University of Illinois



The rising stars of tomorrow – these rounds saw teams select emerging Canadian basketball talent currently playing in U SPORTS programs across Canada

Round 1

1. Niagara River Lions: Fil Vujadinovic, Ryerson University

2. Hamilton Honey Badgers: Connor Gilmore, McMaster University

3. Saskatchewan Rattlers: Chan De Ciman, University of Saskatchewan

4. Guelph Nighthawks: Malcolm Glanville, University of Guelph

5. Edmonton Stingers: Narcisse Ambanza, University of Winnipeg

6. Fraser Valley Bandits: Mason Bourcier, University of British Columbia

Round 2

1. Fraser Valley Bandits: Grant Shephard, University of British Columbia

2. Edmonton Stingers: Brody Clarke, University of Alberta

3. Guelph Nighthawks: Myles Charvis, Ryerson University

4. Saskatchewan Rattlers: Jean-Victor Mukama, Ryerson University

5. Hamilton Honey Badgers: Thomas Kennedy, University of Windsor

6. Niagara River Lions: Tyler Brown, Brock University


“It gives me immense pleasure to see such amazing talent represent the league and its six teams,” said Mike Morreale, Chief Executive Officer of the CEBL. “Congratulations to all the players who got drafted – it’s a historic time for a Canadian basketball fan.”

The CEBL, the official professional league partner of Canada Basketball, opens its inaugural season in May with franchises in Fraser Valley (Abbotsford), Edmonton, Guelph, Hamilton, Saskatchewan (Saskatoon), and Niagara (St. Catharines). CEBL teams will play a 20-game regular season from May 9 to August 15, culminating with a league championship playoff at a site to be announced.

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