FIBA CELEBRATES 80 YEARS | Canada Basketball


Picture a small group of basketball representatives from eight countries gathered around a table. The date is 18th June 1932 and after several hours of meeting, a document is produced and signed. FIBA, the International Basketball Federation, is born. 

Eighty years later and FIBA counts 213 member federations. Sixteen men and women's World Championships have been held since that fateful day and basketball has been played at 17 Olympics. But more importantly the sport has grown rapidly and become a truly global game played in every country around the world; indoors, outdoors, on street corners and on beaches, on one or two hoops, five players against five, three against three or one versus one. 

To mark eight decades of developing and promoting the game, as well as bringing together people from the four corners of the world by uniting them through the sport, FIBA has decided to mark its anniversary with a photo contest that celebrates basketball in all its diversity. 

Join us in celebrating FIBA's 80th anniversary by uploading your basketball photos and help us prove that basketball really is everywhere.

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