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2018 FIBA Official Basketball Rules

2018 FIBA Official Basketball Rules Changes

2018 FIBA Official Basketball Equipment Rules

2018 FIBA Offical Basketball Rules Interpretations 

FIBA Home Study Book - Refereeing

FIBA Resources and Educational Videos

For all 2018-19 and future FIBA resources and educational videos. Please visit the CBOC Google Drive.

Past FIBA Resources

2016 Game Management - Communication
2015 Improve Your Game Warm-Up & Stretching
2015 Manual for Basketball Referees - Physical Training
2014 Game Control and Management
2014 Teamwork
2014 Contacts - Criteria
National Federation Manual

Two-Person Officiating

FIBA Referee's Manual for Two-Person Officiating - with Canadian Modifications 

Three-Person Officiating

FIBA Referee's Manual for Three-Person Officiating
Three Person-Officiating: Basic - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Licensing Process

The Principles Governing the Licensing of FIBA Referees
FIBA Officials Licensing 2017 Brochure


FIBA's Mid-Term Congress unanimously ratifies new headgear rule

CBOC Officials Survey - Report of Findings

Canada Basketball Stakeholders Memorandum

Game Plan

How to Create a Game Plan Account 

How to Access the FIBA Practice Exam 

How to Access the IOTs (Referee Educators ONLY) 



2019 - 2020 Points of Emphasis


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August 2016 Edition


Post Play Express

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