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FIBA 3x3 World Tour

The FIBA 3x3 World Tour will take place July 14 – 16, 2017 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Saskatoon’s own foursome of Michael Linklater, Michael Lieffers, Nolan Brudehl and Willie Murdaugh (Canada’s Best Team) will participate in the tournament.

In the lead up to the 3x3 World Tour, seven regional events will take place across the country as part of Canada Basketball’s 3x3 Canada Quest series. The winners of the elite division in each of the seven regionals, along with an additional wild card team, will qualify for the 3x3 Canada Quest Finals. The top two Finals teams will then qualify directly to the FIBA 3x3 World Tour in Saskatoon.

Think you have what it takes to go all the way? Or are you more looking for some casual games with friends, check out a regional event for something near you!

Regional Events






Calgary, AB

University of Calgary

May 6-7

Adult Men, Adult Women, Canada Quest – Elite, U13 Boys, U13 Girls, U15 Boys, U15 Girls, U17 Boys, U17 Girls

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Shawinigan, QC

Ecole Secondaire du Rocher

May 19-21

FIBA Top Gun (Open)

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Edmonton, AB

Canada Saville Community Sports Centre

June 3-4

Adult Men – Competitive, Adult Men – Recreational, Adult Women, Canada Quest – Elite, U11 Boys, U11 Girls, U13 Boys, U15 Boys, U15 Girls, U17 Boys, U17 Girls,

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Hamilton, ON

MacMaster University

June 16-17

Adult (18-25), Adult (26-39), Adult Coed – Parasport 18+, Adult Division – 40+, Adult Division – Elite, Adult M(18-25), Adult M(26-39), Adult W(18-25), Adult W(26-39), Youth Division – Parasport Coed (10-14), Youth Division – U10M, Youth Division – U10W, Youth Division – U12M, Youth Division – U12W, Youth Division – U14M, Youth Division – U14W, Youth Division – U16M, Youth Division – U16W, Youth Division – U18M, Youth Division – U18W

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Halifax, NS


June 24-25



Winnipeg, MB


June 24-25

Canada Quest Division - Men (Over 17)

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Vancouver, BC

Richmond Olympic Oval

July 1-2

Men’s Open

Women’s Open

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Canada Quest Finals

West Edmonton Mall, Edmonton, AB - July 7 & 8, 2017


With over 250 million players worldwide and amongst the most played recreational sports in the world, 3x3 will become a key motor for the growth of basketball in Canada and around the world. Following the momentum set out by FIBA, Canada Basketball will once again present the 3x3 Canada Quest tour this summer. 

In the upcoming years, Canada Basketball is looking to strengthen its growth and increase the number of basketball players and fans by structuring and developing 3x3 basketball events nationally. Following the successful introduction in the 2010 Youth Olympic Games in Singapore, the ultimate goal is that 3x3 becomes a self-sustained new FIBA discipline and enters the Olympic Games by latest 2020. 

Canada Basketball in working with FIBA will regulate the rules of the game, facilitate the promotion of the discipline and sanction the organization of 3x3 tournaments with the support of the Provincial Sporting Organizations. 

FIBA 3x3 Rules:

The mains rules of 3x3 are as follows:

  • 1 basket on 1 half-court
  • 2 teams of 3 players and up to 1 substitute per team (4 players maximum per team)
  • 12-seconds shot-clock
  • 1st team to reach 21 points or best after 10 minutes win
  • Read the short and long versions in English.

For additional information please contact, ryeung@basketball.ca

About 3x3planet and 3x3planet.com

It’s time to take 3x3 basketball from the streets of Canada to the Olympics. 3x3planet.com connects basketball players and tournament organizers from around the globe, helping ballers play more and promoters organize bigger and better competitions. 

As a Canadian basketball player, you could be on the way to international stardom with the groundbreaking individual 3x3 world ranking. All you need is a player profile to start entering official tournaments and winning points – the more you play, the further you’ll go.

Ranking and Ballerlevel

Become the number 1 3x3 player in all of Canada!

The 3x3 ranking and Ballerlevels are essential ingredients of 3x3 basketball, an individual sport played in a team. Every player registered with 3x3planet.com has his own Ranking and Ballerlevel, which evolves according to results at FIBA endorsed tournaments and pick-up games.

They allow players to compare their skills with friends, local players and pros from all over the globe and when combined with that of team-mates, give provide the chances of success against that of other teams.

 A player's Ranking is their individual position in among all registered players based on points won at FIBA endorsed tournaments and pick-up games.

Two criteria are taken into account:

1. Each player's best six FIBA endorsed tournament results played over the last 12 months. The number of points earned at a tournament depend the final position/standing and the tournament level.

2. Each player's best 10 pick-up results on any given day, with the best 200 played over the previous 12 months. Pick-up games are worth fewer points than FIBA endorsed tournament games.


The Ballerlevel is a way to evaluate the skill level of players, from beginner to pro, based on their win-loss record (including pick-up games). A player goes up in Ballerlevel if they are consistently beating others with the same or higher Ballerlevels. On the other hand, if they are losing against players with the same rating or lower, they go down in level(s). The Ballerlevel reflects each player's relative playing record (i.e. win-loss ratio taking into account each respective opponent's Ballerlevel).

Tournament results are entered by the organizer within one week of the event ending; pick-up results need to submit within two days via the 3x3planet App to be taken into account.
More info go to 3x3worldtour.com

For further information on rules and regulations, please refer to the videos on the 3x3 Planet YouTube page