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Targeted Athlete Strategy (TAS) is a program in our development pathway. TAS surrounds top identified Canadian athletes, at the Train to Train (T2T) and Train to Compete (T2C) stage of the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) with the individualized support that they need in their development to enhance what the team-based system already provides.  An Individualized Performance Plan (IPP) is developed to address individual gaps and prepare athletes for competition. 

TAS athletes are identified and assessed using the Gold Medal Model. The athletes IPP is based on the four pillars of the gold medal model:

1. Basketball – technical skills, concepts and decision making

2. Physical – building, fixing and maintaining their bodies

3. Mental – Connections, consciousness and composure

4. Social / Emotional – positive training and competitive environment, self-identity and resiliency

For more information please contact:


Mike Meeks
Manager, Youth Development - Mens

Athletes are assessed during our identification camps.  Click here to register for Canada Basketball Men's High Performance Athlete Indentification Program and you will be contacted the next time an identification camp has been scheduled for his specific age group.  


Mike MacKay
Performance Manager, Women's High Performance

Agnes Borg
Manager, Youth Development - Women (Ontario / Quebec)