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Steve Nash Youth Basketball [SNYB] is a national youth basketball program designed to develop fundamental skills, sportsmanship and a love of the game of basketball. This Canada Basketball grassroots initiative empowers community basketball groups, facilities, and clubs across Canada in an effort to positively influence youth through the sport of basketball.

SNYB provides a turnkey program to hosts, with full curriculum, participant materials, and coach training. SNYB is flexible enough to allow organizers to adapt the program to their needs and resources while remaining aligned with the Sport Canada Long-Term Athlete Development [LTAD] Model.




  • Participation

    Provide opportunities for youth ages 7-12 across Canada to play basketball.


    NCCP FUNdamentals Coach Workshop and full basketball curriculum with supporting resources.

  • Development

    Develop young athletes in alignment with the Sport Canada LTAD Model and stage-appropriate drills and games.


    Entry to the Canada Basketball development pathway, encouraging athletes to pursue high performance opportunity.

  • Character Building

    Help athletes maximize their potential, using basketball as a vehicle to develop character and life skills.



For Players

  • Enrollment in the official grassroots youth development program of Canada Basketball
  • Proven curriculum aligned with the LTAD Model 
  • Coaching from NCCP FUNdamentals trained SNYB Coaches 
  • Player Package including jersey, basketball, drawstring bag, certificate, and poster 
  • Parents Guide for all SNYB parents
  • Provincial and national basketball membership and liability insurance

For Coaches

  • Coach training through the NCCP FUNdamentals Workshop
  • SNYB GamePlan online portal registration and access
  • SNYB Curriculum including Coach Manual, Lesson Plans, Drill Bank, and additional resources  
  • Dri-fit shirt and Fox 40 whistle
  • Provincial and national basketball membership and liability insurance

For Hosts

  • A comprehensive, adaptable, and proven program aligned with the LTAD Model 
  • Endorsement from Canada Basketball, provincial/territorial sport organizations [PTSOs], and Sport Canada
  • SNYB Operations Manual and support from SNYB and PTSO staff 
  • Coach training through the NCCP FUNdamentals Workshop
  • Player Package including jersey, basketball, drawstring bag, water bottle, certificate, and poster
  • Parents Guide for all SNYB parents
  • Use of the SNYB name, marks, logos, images, and other marketing materials 
  • No start-up fee and affordable registration for players and coaches




The Canada Basketball Athlete Development Model is based on the Sport Canada Long-Term Athlete Development LTAD Model and resource paper. Developed by Canadian world leaders in youth sport development, LTAD is athlete centered, coach driven, and administratively supported. The LTAD Model integrates elite, community, and school sport, athletes with a disability, physical education, and the health of the nation.

LTAD and SNYB develop physical literacy in all children. Physical literacy is the motivation, confidence, competence, and understanding to value and enjoy physical activity in life. Focusing on the FUNdamentals and Learn-to-Train stages of the LTAD Model and ensuring youth receive appropriate training for development, SNYB provides the best basis from which to develop future athletes.

Click here for more information on the LTAD Model.




Steve Nash Youth Basketball is awesome - the best thing that could ever happen to this community.  My daughter is in the program.  She's really shy, but now she's really open and out there having a good time.  My son is going to be doing it next year, and we're really looking forward to it.

Roger J., Parent [Lytton, BC]

Coaching Steve Nash Youth Basketball has been such an honour! The kids absolutely loved the program - they really enjoyed all the games and drills! Challenging, but enjoyable and competitive.Their fundamental skills have greatly improved over the 12 weeks. The kids learned that the game is not about themselves, and that they can only win as a team - which encouraged the kids to pass more frequently and be more competitive against each other!

Krystal D., Coach [Portage La Prairie, MB]

I love Steve Nash Youth Basketball! I made many friends and learned lots - I liked coming every week to practice to get better at basketball and have fun!

Johnny C., Player [Toronto, ON]







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