CIS stand out Jordan Baker spoke with the media about the upcoming exhibition series.  

Q: Do you think the team is coming together well?

A: It’s a great group of guys and we’re coming together for the same goals. It’s easy to get along but a little tough when we can’t go full speed and get used to each others tendencies. But we are going to be thrown right into it in Slovenia. The bonding off the court will translate into success on the court.


Q: What can be gained this summer through exhibition games? 

A: A lot of these guys are going to be a part of the team next summer. Getting international experience, getting used to the international rules and the physicality is going to be huge for qualifiers next year. We need all the experience for these young guys, myself included.


Q: Do some of these guys see it as a try-out for next summer?

A: Certainly. You’ve got a pool of guys, there’s certainly NBA-calibre guys that aren’t traveling with us but they’ll be a part of the program next year so a lot of us are trying to make an impression on the coaches.


Q: What is the most important thing you have to show this summer?

A: Last summer, it was a disappointment to not qualify. We have to get back on the winning track. We always hear about the rise of Canada Basketball, but it has to start somewhere. Success this year is going to be huge for us going forward.


Q: What’s it like having Steve Nash in the gym?

A: He’s one of those guys that is always willing to share knowledge with you, so you can sit down with him at lunchtime and pick his brain a little bit. We are trying to soak up as much as we can.