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Coaches are also able to register for a free Game Plan account in order to access the NCCP course registration. The free membership will only give coaches access to NCCP course registration, online NCCP materials (pre-tasks & portfolio), coach profile/transcript.

For a cost of only $49.95, domestic coaches will receive a 5-year membership to Canada Basketball’s own Coaching Education website with access to ALL of the coaching tools and resources.  For international coaches, the cost of registration is $124.95.

Join the Game Plan today to unlock access to tons of different coaching tools and resources!

  • Practice Planner
  • Drill Library
  • Videos
  • Skill documents
  • Team Season Planner
  • Athlete Performance Planner
  • NCCP Clinics

**COACHES WILL NEED THEIR CC# TO REGISTER. Follow the below instructions to retrieve your CC#:

Go to On the right hand side of the website, it will reach "My Locker", hover over that tab, then press the Profile button. This will then bring you to the log-in screen. From here you can press the "lookup my NCCP#" button. You will then follow the steps on the screen to retrieve your CC#. 


For more information on each tool, please see below:

Practice Planner

Coaches will now be able to easily create and store practice plans!

Each practice plan will be able to include:

  • Goals & Objectives

  • Reminders

  • Practice Teams

  • Drills- with Drill photos and descriptions

Coaches will also be able to access National Team practice plans!


Drill Library

The Library will allow coaches to access TONS of great basketball drills, including drills from NCCP Toolboxes, National Team Drills, Famous Drills, etc.

Coaches will also have the option to add their very own drill (which can later be added into the coach’s practice plans).

The Drill Builder allows coaches to put explanations/ descriptions of the drill, add multiple sketches of the drill, POE, etc. Coaches will then be able to search through the drill to meet their needs based on a variety of factors (Phase of drill, LTAD stage of drill, type of drill, etc.)


Canada Basketball is offering a Video Library providing coaches with a variety of different resources:

Drills & Skills: Coaches will be able to watch the National Teams go through a variety of drills

Coach Schools & Clinics: Weren’t able to attend the coach school? No problem, we have the coach school session available online for coaches to watch and learn from

Games: Do you have a favourtie Team Canada game? Watch them here. If your favourite game is not uploaded, please request the game at and we will try our best to get that game uploaded for you.

Drop-in Practices: Coaches will be able to see a full Nation team practice. See how Team Canada trains from warm up, to cool down!

NCCP Clinics

Are you having trouble finding NCCP Clinics in your area? No problem, now all of the NCCP Clinics running across Canada are listed conveniently in one central place.

On the Game Plan, you will be able to sign-up for the clinic, complete the pre-tasks online and submit your portfolio- all from one easy location!

Coaching Resources (Skill Documents)

Canada Basketball’s diverse set of coaching resources is now available to anyone that is a member of the Game Plan.

Thoughts and insights from top basketball gurus: Mike MacKay, Renato Pasquali, Allison McNeill and much more!


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